OpenSkipper 1.4 20140529

Version 1.4.2014.0529 has been released by Timo Lappalainen.


  • Performance improvement. On my computer earlier release took on test 12% of CPU – now only 3%. There are still places to improve.
  • PGN 129540 differs between newer packetlogger and old PGN definitions, so old PGN defnition for that PGN was copied to keep compatibility with Kees NMEA2000 Sample.xml.
  • Fixed crash for field length >8 bits like 11 bit manufacturer code in PGN 130840
  • Fixed lost data handling to allow Replay for old log.
  • Added formatters latitudeDDMM and longitudeDDDMM for more visual output to be used on Parameters.N2kParams.xml.


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