OpenSkipper 1.6B

Timo has just released a new version of OpenSkipper (OpenSkipper 1.6B) for testing with better support for data formats. LatitudeDDMM and LongitudeDDDMM formats did not work with south and west value; they do now, plus you can also customise them. Download, as usual, is from our SourceForge site. All feedback welcome. Andrew

OpenSkipper 1.5

This new release, by Timo, has much improved Web pages, including a new menu which works on mobiles too. Also, there is now no need to have parameters on application displays to have them on web. Many thanks to Timo for his ongoing work. Andrew

OpenSkipper 1.4 20140529

Version 1.4.2014.0529 has been released by Timo Lappalainen.


Performance improvement. On my computer earlier release took on test 12% of CPU – now only 3%. There are still places to improve. PGN 129540 differs between newer packetlogger and old PGN definitions, so old PGN defnition for that PGN was copied to keep compatibility with Kees NMEA2000 Sample.xml. Fixed crash for field length >8 bits like 11 bit manufacturer code in PGN 130840 Fixed lost data handling to allow Replay for old log. Added formatters latitudeDDMM and longitudeDDDMM for more visual output to be used on Parameters.N2kParams.xml.